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Many families now move into temporary accommodation in the area they wish to live in to get a better feel for the surroundings and how they will meet their future needs. Rather than move all your belongings, storage is a viable option.Intermodal Movers provide specialised modular storage in secure facilities designed specifically to protect your treasured possessions.

We provide the latest container storage facilities in several locations. Each facility is equipped with two high capacity overhead cranes, providing our customers with secure storage in steel 20' containers, fully computerisedunmanned warehouses.

All Storage Container are Clearly identified and listed on Master Storage file Which makes identifying retrieving the total Consignment or one particular item extremely simple. This System minimizes handling which in turn minimizes the risk damage or loss as we only need to retrieve and unpack one Storage Container to locate one item.

At Intermodal Movers we understand that relocation is a long process and setting down can take time. Thus we offer long term storage service facility in Qatar. If any of our customers is going abroad on temporary duty for few months, they are happy to keep their house hold items in our safe storage services in Qatar. On monthly rental basis. Because it is too cheaper & safer than paying rent for a flat so it is always better, safe and cheaper to store all the items in our trusted storage. We provide short term and long term storage facilities also. Our warehousing service and storage services in Qatar, are regularly audited and analyzed to ensure that it meets the contemporary business models and all upgrades are made to ensure our services continue to help our clients meet their logistic requirements efficiently.

Intermodalmovers storage: secure, flexible, affordable.

With Intermodalmovers, you have a variety of storage options to keep your goods safe until you are ready to accept delivery.

Intermodalmovers Warehouses Coast to Coast

moving often comes with a need for storage. Maybe you have to de-clutter a home before putting it up for sale. Or, maybe you are taking temporary residence until your new home is ready for occupancy. Intermodalmovers inspects and grades each warehouse regularly to ensure it meets or exceeds standards for security, cleanliness and organization.

What is Storage In Transit (SIT)?

Sometimes, people find they aren't quite ready to take delivery at their new residence. This is common on many moves. We put your cartons into secure containers and keep them in the warehouse temporarily, until you are ready to receive them. We call this storage in transit.

What storage option do i need?

You may want to store items for a few weeks or a few months. Or, you may need to keep some items in storage for six months, a year, or even longer. Whatever your time frame, Intermodalmovers has a service to fit your plans. Storage capabilities and service options vary from Agent to Agent. What storage options does Intermodalmovers offer?

Service options may include:

  • Auto, boat, motorcycle, RV storage
  • Secure outdoor storage
  • Air conditioned, heated, or climate-controlled storage
  • 24/7 self-storage

We Provides Extremely Comprehensive and Most Expert International Moving Services

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